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Gold in Yuma Area ????

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Hello fellow dreamers I'm heading to Yuma and the area around Yuma say within 30 miles of town.

I was wondering if anyone can help me find some place were a newbie can have a chance at finding some yellow stuff. I have got a small highbanker and a metal detector it's a stinger and lots of gold pans. I have a home made rock crusher and all will be with me. Now i don't exspect anyone to let me work there areas but just some place that's open to the pubic and has some passed gold fines.

Well I know this is a long shot asking for help but I see people in this group giving help and advise to each other all the time. So hope someone will give me a hint or two !! thanks so much , mike

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Well, Let ME know on any areas open to the 'pubic', (sorry,man, I just couldn't resist some humor on the typo!)....Castle Dome Mountains are interesting, but the Kofa Wilderness area is there, so it's sorta hit and miss.. Delos Tooele's book, 'Where to find gold in Arizona' has a few other suggestions..Biggest problem I see in that area is all of the land controlled by the military. Perhaps a true resident there will chime in for some suggestions....Good luck and happy hunting, regardless.....Gary

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Hi Pyrate

Just north of I8 on 95 there is an area open to the public.

Look for an orange grove and turn in by it. The sign will say

Shooting Range-Archery. About a quarter mile in on right there

is camping. From there you'll find square miles of open land.

Hope this helps.



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Herb, Thanks for the repy, but it's another fella looking; I was just making a joke on a typo between 'public', and 'pubic'....But I'm sure he'll see it.....Gary

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