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Is this a Meteorite?

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Hey guys,

I haven't been here in a long time, but wanted to post up this picture and see if any of you thought it could be a Meteorite. A friend of mine found a bunch of these, we hauled one out that is about 4 times as big as this one, plus there are some smaller ones around. He has one that is chipped off on the end and I'm waiting for a picture of it. This one I have is HEAVY for its size. The one he has probably weighs over 150lbs. The light colored areas on the bottom are dirt from where it was partially buried:


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Hi Randy..doesn't even look close to a meteorite...However...Is it magnetic? ... Does your metal detector scream on it? ... What color is the streak if you scratch it on a dull ceramic plate (underside of the toilet tank cover) ... Cheers, Unc

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Thanks guys. It is semi-magnetic. It does leave a very slight grey streak if I push on it really hard, and it sets off a detector. I went through that web-site and it seems it could be, but might not. Hard to tell I guess. I broke a tiny piece off of one side. I'll try to get good pictures tomorrow and post them.

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