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Disneyland is going to be adding jobs for the next year and half. Most jobs will be ride mach called OUTSIDE MACHINIST'S (40), ride elec (20) and ride sound (20). They are also going to need ride op's. As they build the new part of DCA in Anaheim they will add jobs. It looks like the first round will be this month then the winter of 2010 spring of 2011 and summer of 2011. Other then ride op's the jobs pay 55K to 70K if you get over time you could run as high as 100K. When I started there over 15 years ago as a diver my first year was 120K. To get a job there TAKES time start by going to there web site and do your app on line they only keep the app's for 6 months you will need to fill out a new one every 6 months. But don't give up this is the best job you could every have.

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Thank you for your post. I was just recently laid off but considered working at Disney a few years back. I have a new job lined up a few months from now, but know several others looking hard so I passed this on. From what I know, working there is a fun, fun, fun experience!

Thanks again.

PS - But with the extra time on my hands I'll be out prospecting as soon as the weather clears.

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I saw yesterday that Chrysler is hiring a couple endurance drivers for their AZ test center, I think they were $40k.

You'll need to do a google search as I forget the employment company name that had the listing.

Good Luck...

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