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Hunting on Arizona Wildlife Area Land?

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Thanks, Terry. You made me look again. The color comparator in my brain has a hard time differentiating between the color of the State Lands and the Wildlife Areas on the atlas I have. I was looking at state lands.


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Hi Larry,

There are no meteorites on State land, everybody knows that. Otherwise the State would have someone out there actively hunting those lands, or it would allow the public to do so.


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LOL! Gee, Ben, that sure narrows down the possible surface area to a very, very small fraction of the state. I should be able to cover the searchable area in a few hours. I imagine I'll find alot of big ones, seeing how well they are segregated by the state. It's wonderful to live in a free country, isn't it?

Larry :blink:

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Hi Squid, you hit on the nail head.... Next time voting comes around, don't vote for any candidate who has a Law Degree... We've given our Country to a bunch of Dumb S_ _t lawyers... :angry-smiley-010[1]:

jim "bones" :*&$*(:

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