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Process to Recover Gold from Sulfide Ores

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This subject is a little off the topic of this website but I'm trying to get some feedback on a technology I have been working on the past few years that was focused on remediation of toxic waste. I believe it has an application to recover gold from sulphide ores by eliminating the current roasting requirements to oxidize the ore. Assuming we can apply the same amount of energy used in past testing, it equates to 4 cents per ton.

This technology produces an extremely short but intense plasma generated shock wave in which the shock waves are converted into oxidizing effects (via the production of free electrons). This process is completely different from the current high temperature plasma technologies (torch type) which create tremendous heat to create their effects. My process doesn't heat the surrounding medium and converts close to 28% of its energy to the shock wave (creating peak power pulses of over 500 megawatts). In the past years we have partnered with CalTech and installed one of our test pulsers in their engineering labs. Several research papers have been written on the technology which included the results of the mineralizaton of TNT "pinkwater" from a weapons production plant.

In the last year we have made several design improvements which has allowed the technology to be commercially viable and withstand the tremendous shock wave forces which in the past would destroy our treatment chamber materials. We also have made several changes which have taken the technology from a batch treatment process to a full scale flow through process viable on a commercial level.

We were approached last year by a client who thought the technology might have an effect on a refractory ore which didn't show any economically recoverable metals via fire assays (he spent over $50k on assays alone). We treated a sample of 10 pounds of ground -200 mesh ore with 10 gallons of water in our treatment chamber and applied one pulse. The treated sample was collected with a 500 ml bottle and then sent to the client's chosen lab for a fire assay. I received the "preliminary" results a couple weeks ago but the results look too good to be true, despite the detailed procedures which were used by the assay lab. I'm still waiting to hear the final results regarding the parting of the dore bead to ascertain the gold quantity.

I would like to run additional samples to verify the results and am having trouble locating a reputable assay laboratory for the analysis. I'm also having trouble locating other clients willing to let me run a samples of their ore with this process despite the fact I'm willing to let them witness the testing and keep full custody of the samples during testing.

I was able to make contact late last year with a chief engineer at Newmont Mining Co., who believed the technology could have an application as an alternative method to roasting or as a pre-treatment method to reduce the roasting time. Unfortunately, I had a run in with him when he kept delaying the shipment of sample material and I confronted him with it. There was a heated exchange which precipitated an understanding not to contact each other (an understatement!).

As you can probably gather, I have limited experience in the mining area and have remained focused on the development of the technology. There's some initial testing which shows the process could have merit but I would like to pursue it further.

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.


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That's extremely interesting. I'm a retired metallergical type of fellow, but the snow is on the mountains where I have claims, so I can't provide any samples at present. Perhaps some of the other guys here that aren't snowbound will respond..Either way, keep posting, as this sounds as you said"almost too good to be true'...Gary

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A few years back I met a mineowner in Northern Wahington. His samples from one of his mines was incredably rich and he told me of a person that was creating a plasma technique to unlock the gold, platinum and other Pt group metals.... you that guy?

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Hi PYRATE and El Dorado,

Thanks for the replies. Let me know when you want to run some of your samples as I'm set up to do so.

I'm not related to the contact in Northern Washington but I have also heard a few stories of others working with plasma technologies. One of the factors which really limited the application of the technology in the past was designing a treatment chamber which could handle the tremendous physical forces involved. Almost all of the other sources working with plasmas are primarily focused on the torch type. One the other hand most of the pulsed applications were really versions of the old "sparker" technology developed by EG&G in the early 1950s for use as seismic sound sources by the U.S. Navy and oil exploration firms. The "sparker" technology releases its energy in milliseconds versus ours in microseconds and allows us to generate the intense peak power levels. The "sparkers" produce a steam bubble which collapses and then produces a less powerful shock wave. We have heard the sparker technology has been tried on ore samples but have not heard any positive results. The other problem with the sparker is the steam bubble interfers with the flow through the chamber. We pump our plasma channel so fast that there is no resulting bubble to impede flow.

I forgot to include a picture of the High Energy Pulsed Plasma (HEPP) pilot unit in my past email. The picture doesn't show the pumping system which allows this system to treat up to two tons per hour. To the left is the treatment chamber which is a 600 pound block of 6061 T6 aluminum with a volume of 30 gallons. We have been running the previous samples at 10 gallons with 10 pounds of -200 mesh ore.

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:thumbsupanim At Cirtel we pioneered plasma for polymide multilayer etchback of inner layers. Still hold a few patents on shield technology(sold after Zig died?). LFE and Plasma Tech,Hunt Corp(armytank)were the go tos in the late 70-80's. We did toast some concentrates in the antique quartzglass original LFE unit and man alive it worked great. Direction flow control of the plama was the answer and shielding substrates to provide homogenous application of the plasma was the answer. Multiple runs at different current and gas mixes was a real ball to mutz and putz with. EXPENSIVE vacuum pumps and RF generators were very picky about dirt though. Great fun and definately looking forward to see what ya complete. tons a au 2 u2 -John :thumbsupanim
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I have acess to some complex ore mined and stockpiled the 1940,s that they always had trouble with, I can get acess when the snow melts, around the 15th last year who knows this year.

I can sack/barrel it and haul it to the road but where would I have to ship it to you? Thats going to be the killer!

I have assays on the gold and silver alone after just roasting 22.54OZ silver and .56 OZ of gold per ton.

Right now the only samples I have are about a 5 gal bucket full that has been washed to remove organics so I am sure a lot of the sulphides are washed away, it appers to be quite metalic.

I am not a hardrock guy but I guess I am going to learn.

Let me know .


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What we have been doing with interested parties is to have them send us 10 pounds of crushed ore (-200 mesh, preferably) usually sent via a USPS Flat Rate Medium box to minimize the shipping costs. We then mix the 10 pounds of material, shoot it in our treatment chamber, drain the treated sample, decant/dry the sample and return it to the originator for analysis. In this case, the amount of material should be relatively small and make the effort more manageable. It would be better if we could test on your material which hasn't been subject to any washing so we can get a better measure of the effectiveness of the process on the sulfides.

Our name and address is:

Advanced Conversion Technologies Inc.

2830A Via Orange Way

Spring Valley, CA 91978

Phone No. (619) 670-1612

If possible, please let me know when you ship the sample so I know when to expect it.

I'm hoping our HEPP process can either eliminate or significantly reduce the roasting step (12-18 hours at 600-700 degrees C), which is currently required for the recovery of precious metals from sulfide laden ores. If so, our process consumes a fraction (4 cents per ton) of the energy of roasting.

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Hi all,

This topic is really interesting!!! I hope you have the solution I've been looking for years. In fact, we have tons of sands coming from the gold extraction process using cyanide. These sands still have in average 20gr/ton of gold. The problem is that we haven't found a reliable process or technology to effiently recover the gold (at least 70% of the remaining gold) because these sands contain elements making cyanide-based treatment useless.

Is your plasma tech a potential solution to recover this gold. Our mines are based in South America and I can provide a sample for test if required.

Thanks for your answer,


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Wildblue Welcome to the forum!

As I mentioned 3 1/2 years ago that member hasn't visited the forum since shortly after posting his offers and info, etc., it's possible that after 6 years they are no longer in business and or changed their phone number, etc.,  did you try the email address?

That all being said and asked, I did a search for the company name and found the exact same name for a company in Pennsylvania that has been in business since 1981, but they seem to be doing Military power sources, etc., not sure if there's a connection with the company posted here back in 2010,  I would think not but you never know, maybe the company posted here either went out of business or had to change their name due to copyright/logo laws.

Here's a link to the company I found doing the search.


And a link to the search results in case I missed something at my quick glance of the first page only.



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23 hours ago, Wildblue said:

Advanced Conversion Technologies Inc. has anyone been able to contact these shock plasma technology people? the phone number is no longer in service?

 Here's an article on RF tech.,,,, heating to plasma temps to refine  precious metals out of complex, low  value, heavy metal ores...


"2 April 2014 Elly Earls

Plasma technology capable of increasing precious metal yields from complex ores by over 1,000% could change the face of the mining industry. Elly Earls spoke to the managing director of Toss Plasma Technologies, the company behind the innovation, to find out more.

Plasma torch

New radio frequency plasma technology, which heats complex ores to over 8,000 degrees Celsius, freeing up hidden precious metals, could completely change the face of the mining industry, boosting yields of metals such as gold, silver and platinum from complex ores by jaw-dropping figures.

Complex ores such as zinc, nickel , copper and lead often conceal 'latent' precious metals, which conventional metallurgy cannot uncover or extract in any significant quantity, as they are 'encapsulated' by the ores' complex structures. But this may not prove to be a problem for much longer - if technology created by US-based Toss Plasma Technologies (TPT) is as effective as recent assays carried out by the company have suggested.

TPT's new radio frequency (RF) plasma torch, developed over six years by scientist Dr George Paskalov, works by applying ultra-high temperatures of between 8,000-12,000 degrees Celsius to complex ores, thus breaking them down and freeing up any precious metals contained within....( big snip)"

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Interesting technology that Plasma Mining was developing. I'm surprised that his post is still here (they are very good at covering their tracks). My best guess would be that he was pulled into a black project by the powers that rule. Or, he was bought out or purged by the evil oil overlords. Any technology that will take away the masses dependence on 'CRUDE' will be shelved or developed in the black for the ruling classes personal gain. Tesla is only one of thousands of inventors who have had their tech shelved because it would help free mankind from the fossil fuel controlling hand. Sad, but true.             ....................... Is this boat rocking?  You don't even want to get me started on cheap clean energy tech, it's all very depressing:(

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I don't buy big oil is buying out alternate energy.  I think your gas engines are about as efficient as they will ever get and no one is hiding a 100 MPG carburetor.

There is no cheaper more efficient way of making than fossil fuels.  There is no such thing as cheap, clean energy.  Solar would be dead if it wasn't for the U.S. Government's tax credits.  I wonder how much it costs to fix a wind farm when I drive by and a sizeable amount of turbines aren't working.  Turns out clean energy isn't all that cheap or efficient.

I believe if there were a cheaper alternate energy, the free market would take care of it.

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I'm not surprised you believe the way you do, like I said, they are good at covering their tracks. They are without doubt, suppressing cheap clean energy tech. Crude in all senses of the word is the crudest source of energy we could be using. There are some websites that have projects and information posted that can give people a little insight to what is possible in the clean cheap energy field of science.    Electric Universe holds keys to understanding free energy  This website has a lot of interesting posts on it. This is only a small glimpse of what is happening in the inventing world. The masses haven't even a clue as to what is really going on in the world, and most just don't care. Even the ones who do care and work on projects that can benefit mankind in the energy field run into obstacle after obstacle (No, I'm not referring to the laws of physics as being the obstacle. Lol).  Dr. Steven Greer has some good videos that could open peoples eyes if they chose to truly investigate what is really happening. I have read and researched hundreds of hours on this subject, but in the end, it is all only second hand information by extremely reputable people, scientist, doctors and people who have high standings. All of that information would have only made me 90-99% sure that there is cheap clean energy tech, but I'm 100% telling you it exists.

I know you're not alone in the way you think about fossil fuels. I can only hope that full disclosure comes soon, because the world is in a hell of a mess, and it's only going to get worse if things don't change for the better soon.

Anyhow, there's lots of knowledge that comes through the internet that will never see the light of day on any TV news channel, because all the media is owned by four corporate giants.

Food for thought.

Post is obviously off topic and I will make this my last post under this heading.


Head down, pick high, gold doesn't dig itself.



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If you're seeing anything I'm missing that I can use today, please let me know.  Believe me if efficient means saving money today and I can use it, I will have it set up tomorrow.


I spent a bit of time looking at developing wind, solar, and hydro electricity for my house on a small scale.  I found it much too expensive and that once I paid for the equipment, what I saved on electricity would never pay for the project.  The only exception to this is if I was way off the grid and would have to pay for power lines to be routed in.  I even went to looking at getting alternators for cars from junkyards to save money.  Turns out alternators are set to produce energy at very high RPMs, so unless you can reach at least 1000 RPMs, it won't work.  A lot of these do not provide constant energy, so you need a lot of batteries to store power, or redundant systems like wind and solar.  Even with redundant systems, you still need batteries because it is now always windy at night so solar and wind won't work and I don't have access to a river to dam.


I also looked at getting my own gas or diesel generator for my house.  With what I'd pay for fuel, it would be at least four times the price I pay big oil.  Aside from being extremely noisy which the neighbors would not like, still too expensive unless I was off the grid; however, most people off the grid use this for power because it is the cheapest most efficient.


As much as I'd like to go off the grid, the rest of my family won't.  I wanted to do my own reality show: Man, Woman, son, daughter, summer in Alaska.  We would basically live off the land in the summer.  My compromise to them was we'd do it in the summer, not the winter.  I told my daughter about it, became Man Woman son; told my son, became man woman; told my wife, and all of the sudden I'd have to do it alone.  Not much of a show.  That would basically be me being homeless.


Anyway, I'm between jobs so I have a bit of free time.





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In a nut shell:

The key words here are "expense / expensive" and "Return On Investment," because there are absolutely projects happening as I type where remote off-the-grid 'places' have replaced generators with solar cells and used electric auto storage batteries, totally eliminating both noise & fuel pollution and fuel expense..

Is the tec ready for prime time..? Depends on one's POV and depth-of-pockets, so both yes and no but for AverageMan still mostly No.. Is it happening though, eventually becoming the real deal..? Yes..


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