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Hi Chris and All

Got a chance to watch my friend Chris Ralph on the tube last night :whaaaa: !! Did you really pan that picker out of that gravel :hmmmmm: ?? Or was it a plant :huh: ?? I'm Impressed :wubu: !! What's next , Oprah, Leno, General Hospital :shrug: !! Hey how come you didn't plug your book :inocent: ?? Or are you saving it for the Oprah or Beck bestseller list :shrug: ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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I'm waiting for nuggets falling from the sky

But other than that, excellent program. John B. is just jealous, he ain't photogenic (pretty)!


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Hey John -

They were real specific about logos, etc. I tried to wear and ICMJ logo shirt - and they would have none of it. Its a show of paid advertising and all advertising must be paid for. They did the same with the geologist who spoke with the odd accent. It was filmed in June (on fathers day) and I didnt even have any book until about 6 months after the shoot was over.

The pan - I didnt salt it, but it wasnt the same pan of gravel either. On camera, I had panned out the concentrates from dredging the day before, and thats when I took out the little picker. About 15 minutes later, just for the heck of it, they had me grab a few hand fulls of loose gravel and pan the material. At one point in the video I am just standing there with the pan of gravel swirling it around with no gravel or water coming out. I panned that gravel down a few minutes later and in that material was, of course, nothing. When they got back to England where all the editing was done, they spliced the handfulls of barren gravel together with the panning out of the dredge cons, and you guys didnt even notice the change. If you watch closely I am panning out coarse unsorted gravel, then VOILA! all at once the gravel in my pan has suddenly turned into black sand, and right after that I find the picker. The magic of film editing allows that you can fool almost everyone! They actually filmed me dredging underwater, and also in a couple other scenes that were not used.

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