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Zaya makes it bigtime!

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Aloha everyone,

Well since Dean didn't post I felt it worth of giving Zaya some honorable mention on this forum. He got his story posted on the Whites website on the 2010 February listing as "9 year old finds meteorite". Great write up and something Dean and Zaya should be proud of.

Zaya you rock dude!thumbsupsmileyanim.gif This is the kind of stufff we need to see our future generations doing instead of hanging out in front of the boobtube or playing video games all day. Great for this hobby also as it just may show some other youngster that he or she can actually have fun while finding something or value at the same time.

Aloha and rock on Zaya.

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Thanks so much for posting this for Zaya the Z-Man and I. He will be thrilled when he sees this post on the Nuggeshooter Forum! Zaya was very very happy when he saw his story on the White's Feb 2010 stories listing. He had a huge smile just like in the pics with his first pallasite!

Zaya would much rather be out meteorite hunting then watching TV, vegging on the couch or playing video games. He loves the hunt that's for sure! Take a look folks if you get a min or two. Zaya and I would appreciate the effort.

A couple pics of the Z-Man on a hunt.

Thanks Stan!!!





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Hi Dean,

Wow, that's great that Zaya is not only a meteorite hunter but, he is also a writer. Who knows what finds he could make during this season, that he could also write about. (hint, hint) He's very lucky to have such a good hunting partner, too.


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