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Wickenburg #9

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Yo All...Today was the only day I actually was looking for a meteorite and then found one...Mainly because I ain't been doing squat on the gold lately...This 100.5 gram beauty was right in line with two others I found last year in this area...Very loud and very magnetic...No streak....I'm getting the strewnfield direction all figured out now...A straight line and it sure is not in the direction that the historical info suggests!!! I just knew I was going to find something interesting today, and this brings my Wickenburg Meteorite find to just shy of half a kilogram...Wahoo...Cheers, Unc ( PS...I have some other great field photos that my dumbass phone camera just won't send out for some reason...If I get that figured out I'll post'em later



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Here's the photo from the site...stupid phone won't let me download others...Cheers, Unc


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Aloha Unc. Ron,

So when are we going to see the "main mass" honker.thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

Nice size rock you got there. Keep em coming.


Stan aka Ka'imi

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Uncle Ron,

Wow!! What a Beauty she is. A 100+ grammer! You are sure cleaning up them Wickenburgs. Can't wait to see your next finds. Congrats.


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