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The hardest hit gppa claim give up another specie.

Friend of mine found this near rich hill. He's new to the hobby and this is his first specie. GP4000 and the 9x14 goldstalker. I told him to poke it in and under any bush, cactus or rock.


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:thumbsupanim Ya gotta just love that newbie luck. Anyone anywhere would be hootn' and a hollern' over that specimen :yikes: . Now look into my eyes :zapped: you are sleepier and sleepier :whaaaa: your now asleep :shhhhh: where did ya find that nugget at?????? :zzzzz: thanx :sneer:
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Amazing piece, Chris Those club claims around the hill just keep giving them up when you least expect it....Congrats to your friend...Cheers, Unc

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Jim, Its the REWARD not the VALUE.

Detecting for gold and meteorites is like...... (MY Comparison) "Casino Life" Grinding it out on a poker table for hours waiting for Good Playable Hands to allow you to build your chip stacks. VRS. The "INSTANT GRATIFICATION" of walking by and Dropping a 5, 10, or 20 dollar bill in a slot machine at the RIGHT TIME and HITTING that big payoff...or Sizeable profit return for your wager.

If your'e goin after it for the MONEY you would be using more than a detector in your arsenal to build your POKE. And you'd be out there doin it day after day after day. :twocents:


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