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REWARD for stolen dredge!

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Well guys I am now making a new large dredge since some scum suckers stole our other one. I know its a long shot but if anyone can give me enough additional information to nail the person that took it I will be happy to hand over an oz of solid gold or the cash equiv. I have some good info on them but not quite enough to put them in jail.

Its a custom made 4"/5" combo with perf nugget traps and built in legs for dry land dredging with full length 1/2" grey nomad carpeting and expanded metal.

The sheriff is waiting on just a little more info to make the arrest. Suspects live near Kirkland Junction.

PM me with any info and if it pan's out I'll give you the reward while buying a nice steak dinner.

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Good luck on catching those fools.

I had equipment stolen and it was for-sale about 2 weeks later. A State Trooper and I visited him "as buyers" and yep inside his garage it sat with my initials still on it plain as day. We got him...

Best of Luck... :cigar:

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Smart folks always ID all their equipment and detectors too. I came across many dozens of HOT deals in my store in OC and others. Moneys never been tighter and gold higher===watch your goodies folks. Cheap lil'ol' motion detector from Harbor freight will go loud enough to make your eyes bleed!!! Great for bears too. Please post any ID # on engine/comp--anything. Hope ya nail them before it's parts & pieces. :*&$*(: John

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