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Any Good Hunting in Idaho?

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email me at dustin.stober@navy.miland i'll send you some google earth .kmls that can help answer that question

Hey guys and gals I was just wondering if anyone knew of any possible strewn fields within a couple hundred miles of Boise.



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Hey Brandon. Only a handful of finds in Idaho (so far). The closest thing to a strewn field that I'm aware of are the two Wilder pieces that were found. I poked around out there once and saw the original stone that was found but no luck.

The trick is to find some old surface that could be hunted. Idaho has been fairly geologically active and I haven't found anything promising yet. Need to spend more time out in the Owyhee desert. There are some promising places over in Southeast Oregon but haven't ever been able to make it over there.

Drop me a note if you want to put together an expedition sometime. Sure was nice today!!


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