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Good article Ruben

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Hey Ruben;

I got my meteorite mag yesterday...I really enjoyed your account of your first trip to Gb with your young daughter...her faith and yours is an inspiration...I don't want to give the story away by saying too much...

well done


Hi Fred,

Thanks, I liked yours too! Just wondering if I was one of the guys that made you want to hunt Holbrook? You did real well. I think it took me 3-4 trips before I found my first stone. BTW- I was born in Durango too - Did we talk about that already?

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Thanks Ruben;

yes You and Ben/Eric and others motivated me into getting off my butt and doing what I could have done years ago...

I expect that your family and mine have people in common...unfortunately most of my family have gone to heaven ( I Hope)...

the connections we share in this world are often amazing...to me. My Dad's family, my Mom's family and my uncle Willie Martinez were all from the Durango, Ignacio, Bayfield surrounds...

Hope to actually meet you some time...


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