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Greetings All,

My name is Anthony and I live in Memphis, Tennessee. I have a professional tree service here, and my business is seasonal. Around November cabin fever begins setting in. I've never done any mining, but I have spent countless hours researching and educating myself. I hate to see my machines setting idle. During this failing economy my business doesn't generate the income it once did. I have grown accustomed to being an independent one man army. Necessity requires me to perform many tasks, therefore I have acquired many skills which I believe would help me to be a successful gold miner. I have a Caterpillar skid-steer with a backhoe attachment and a dump truck that may prove useful. I can also fabricate machines needed for concentrating gold. I have several stationary diesel engines, and a diesel generator also. I am a diesel fanatic! I love diesel engines, and I also make biodiesel fuel in my spare time. If possible, I would enjoy spending a portion of next winter processing gravel. I will be purchasing a metal detector to hunt nuggets with, and I'm also considering building a magnetometer for locating buried channels deposits. I'm encouraging my 17 year old son to study geology and gradiometry. He has an uncommon intellectual capacity, and the ability to recall minute details. We're also considering acquiring an airplane in the future for remote sensing operations. If anyone has a useful idea, or any helpful suggestions, I am very humble and open minded. Thanks for your time. confused0082[1].gif

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