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Will this work???


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I have a question, the sites that I have been working here require a bit of hiking to access. Taking heavy items can be a real chore. My question involves a suction dredge. As in the diagram, could I do away with the engine and pump assembly, run the pressure hose vertically under a waterfall to replace these items??? In the rural areas here, I have seen the locals do this with PVC and have very long runs to supply water to there homes. Sometimes several homes on 1 line. There seems to be decent water pressure for that.I was wondering if there would be enough pressure to draw up Gold and dirt from the suction hose?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes, with the right diameter and length of hose, and sufficient elevation drop, like a water fall, you can get good suction. I've been seriously considering attempting this myself.

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Somebody was telling me about a "gravity Dredge" I can't seem to find a link on google that works. Anyone have any info on one of these?? I'll add some more pics soon, my computer is acting weird right now.

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The above link is a good one to take a look at.

And this is the home page:


My main beef with that design is the fact that all your gravel has to travel the entire length of your pipe. Trying to unclog a plug up would be a nightmare I would think. Besides the design, there is some excellent information there.

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I am not a dredger, but from forums over the years I have read a lot about them. One idea I could suggest is to use the "Head" for a pressure to run a multiple jet tube. The multiple jets are for high volume low pressure pumps like trash pumps for example. Then, the operator could use a shorter length dredge hose with less chance of plugups.

I'm just throwing around some ideas, here. :twocents:

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