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Coinmaster5/DBH G.E.B. Supreme

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Hello and glad to be here. I just bought this detector, and though I know it works(already been out testing) I am not sure how to tune it in tighter.

Any information on my COINMASTER5/DBH G.E.B. would be much appreciated. What year did it come out(this one hangs around your neck, keeping the coil the only weight swinging)? Six knobs: top left:Air Tuning0-10, top right:volume, middle left:4 switch settings:G.E.B. norm., G.E.B. auto, and Disc. auto, Disc. norm. middle right:power:on/off, and bat.check. bottom left:T.A,(GND. Tuner)0-10,bottom right:Discriminate0-10. There is also a small Reset button. What was its cost when new? Is it a good model? Anyone have any good or bad things to say about the model?Know where to get the manuals?

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