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Newbie in Bullhead City, AZ - Best Clubs?

Terry Soloman

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I got this in my email this morning and I am not sure of the answer so I thought I would throw it out for suggestions:

>>Hi, My name is "GREENHORN." My wife and I hope to move to Bullhead City, AZ sometime soon. I've been trying to find info on the internet that may help me find a place I could do some metal detecting. Any info would be very much appreciated.<<

What's the skinny? Thank's :thumbsupanim Terry

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Not sure about Bullhead but in Kingman there is the Mohave Prospectors.....

they meet on the first tues of the month at the comunity center on the corner of John L and Banks in kingman

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Here is the local club info on the river. Great club. I hunted with them for a few years. Good bunch of folks. They had there hunts at Davis Camp.


City: Needles

Location: P. O. Box 1132 Bullhead City, AZ. 86430 USA

Contact/Phone: email: crvtreasureseeker@lycos.com

Membership: $20.00 per year per person or $25.00 per year per family

Website: http://crvtreasureseeker.tripod.com/

Comments: Meetings held at the Bullhead City Library at 1170 E. Hancock Road on the first Sunday of each month

from October thru April at 1:00 P.M. Also covering Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona


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