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5 + lb Franconia Meteorite

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Guest Nuggethunting

Hey Ruben,

Great find! Years and years ago I had a customer call and mentioned he thought he found a huge meteorite on him Mother's property. I wasn't much into meteorites, but knew about them. Comes to find out, he found two on the surface, one was 12+ lbs and the largest 17lbs. He found them both on his Mother's property. Not long after that the rush started at Franconia.

I have some pictures somewhere if I can dig them up.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Nice hunk of rock Ruben, some day i may even find one much smaller than that great find, hanks for the great pic

Gene in Washington State

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Wow, Ruben, you found my meteorite that fell out of my pack... Way to go... :thumbsupanim

Just teasing... That's a real beauty.... congrats... Did Hopper help out ??? hope you find many more :whoope:

jim "bones" :zapped:

Hi all,

This 5 plus pounder isn't a recent find. It was found in 2004 while hunting meteorites with Mike Miller, and a few guests we had invited out to try and find a Franconia specimen. One of those guests was Keith Vasquez who watched as I found that rock. He was so interested in having it in his collection that he offered me a 180 gram Glorieta pallasite in exchange. Of course, I was also the original finder of that specimen too so we made the trade. Recently Keith wanted a piece of my Rare Wilcox Playa meteorite so what do you think we did? That's right I cut a small piece off my rare meteorite and traded for over 5 pounds of Franconia!

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Aloha Ruben,

As work has been really hectic here in Las Vegas I still need to find the third piece of my largest find to date. If I could spend about 2-3 days gridding the area I would either find it or know that someone out there has it. Only time will tell for sure.

So far it weighs 794 grams put together. I found the smaller piece just sticking out of the surface and spent about 90 minutes looking south of that piece gridding off an area about 40 feet in each direction. DUH!! I should have gone north instead as the second piece was on the surface sitting tucked away against a large bush about 8 feet away.

Aloha and hope to run into you out in the field soon.

Stan aka Ka'imi


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