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Recommend a good Meteorite book...

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I'm new to all this meteorite hunting. But...I've been watching "Meteorite Men" and I've gotten the "BUG" big time. I've purchased myself a Fisher F5. And I'm just waiting for the snow to melt. But Im looking to do some research and would like to get a good book on Meteorites. Something with a lot of pics, but also something with a good bit of info on what to look for. A good basic Meteorite book. So does anyone have any recommendations?

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Rocks From Space by O. Richard Norton-

Rocks From Space

Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites by O. Richard Norton-


Maybe Jason will chime in and post a list of books he found from someone on the m list. If you do some searching I'm sure you could find it.


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I happen to have the list handy here ya go............

Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites, O Richard Norton, 2002, Cambridge Press, 354 pg

Good information that is well organized by the master

Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites, O Richard Norton, 2008 Springer, 288 pg

Great reference from classifications to hunting to handlens/microscope viewing

Rocks From Space, O Richard Norton, 1994, 1998 Mountain Press Pub, 444 pg

One of my favorite books, one to which I often return

Meteorites, Hutchison & Graham, 1993 Sterling Publishing, NY, 60 pg

Good pictures and information, I donate copies to science classes I visit

Falling Stars, Mike Reynolds, 2001 Stackpole Books, PA, 148 pg

Like the subtitle says, its a Guide to Meteors and Meteorites

Meteorites - Their Impact on Science and History, edited by Zanda & Rotaru, 1996 Cambridge University Press, 128 pg

Great color pictures, very informative

Meteorites, Alain Carion, self-published, 36 pg

Short B/W printing with nice photos and good information

Thunderstones and Shooting Stars, Robert T Dodd, 1986, Harvard Press, 196 pg

Good pictures and information, some dated or obsolete

Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall, McCartney Taylor, 2009 self published 62 pg

Great story of meteorite hunting in Argentina

Find a Falling Star, Harvey Nininger, 1972, Erikson, 254 pg

Autobiography of America?s first meteorite hunter

Meteorites from A to Z, Jenson, Jenson, Black, 2004 self published, 276 pg

Great reference for falls and finds

The Handbook of Colorado Meteorites, Matt Morgan, 2000 CO Geo Survey, 40 pg

Compilation & pictures of the meteorites of Colorado

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Like Del said, one of my favorites are The Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites by O. Richard Norton, it has a lot of good info, recently published and has strewn field examples, and more, you can view the whole book and a lot more info and books FREE :yikes: on a website called scribd.com


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Can anyone tell me how exact are those KML files for google earth? Are they EXACT or just rough estimations on where the pieces were found?

Well, I can tell you that the files will pinpoint the exact coordinates on google earth. However, the accuracy of the actual latitude and longitude depends on how well the finder plotted their coordinates when they reported their find. You will find that a lot of the meteorites in the database were found long before people had GPS devices, so I guess I would be a little sceptical as to how accurate those could really be.

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