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Happy B Day


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Hey Denny and Terry

Thanks!! You young whipper snappers.

Strange, I don't feel any older than yesterday.

Just goes to show, us old farts can pick up

valuable information from the younger crowd.

Thanks My Friends

Herb AKA Old Fart

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Happy Birthday! You should have snuck under the wire like I did on my birthday and maybe nobody would be harrassing you now :-) Not that theres anything wrong with that.


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Hi All

Just want to say thanks. Didn't get to go out

to the desert, but will make it next week.

have to find that B Day nugget then. The real

treat will be next month, meteorite and nugget

hunting at Gold Basin!!! Looking forward to

hunting with good friends there,(you know who you are).

Terry -Just realized that we met in LSD last year

I had the lifted Expedition. This could be my first

senior moment....Yikes!

Matt - Taking the family out nugget hunting,

very cool my friend.

Harry- Say hi to your partner the nugget hunter/wife


Grandpa John-Been working out so that I can keep up

with you and learn how to attract gold.

Best To All


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Herb... 62 is a kid. Senior moments will not kick in until you cannot find your reading glasses, false teeth, hearing aids and... ??? reading

glasses... false teeth... er, I forget. So whatever birthday it is...

Enjoy it... Jim :olddude:

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