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Since I have found my self laid off from work,I thought that I would try to find some gold around Vegas, we live at the base of Black Mtn. and do not want to burn too much gas trying to look around, as the jeep just eats us alive when it comes to gas! I never thought that I would be out of work and need something to do to kill time. I have put off the trips for meteorite hunting for right now and will limit them to once a month or every other month!

There has to be some where close by Vegas to find something, I went over to Jonnie on Sunday with no luck, and it's just to far for right now, and I have been up at Rail Road Pass with no luck!

So do any of you guys have any suggestions, I need to show my wife something when I go out, as long as it has color I could keep her off my back.

I don't want anybody secrete spot just a point in the right direction.

Please PM me if you can point me some where close by.

Thanks Rick

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Hi Rick, I live in Henderson and have been poking around the local area for the past few months....with no luck. I've mainly been searching around in the hills of Hendertucky....finding a lot of trash.


Went over to Eldorado Valley Dry Lake looking for meteorites a couple of weeks ago but the majority of the lake had 2' of water, so we went searching up in the hills above. I discovered that there is quite a placer mining operation going on just north of the lake up at the base of the mountains. A huge pit with a trommel and conveyer belts taking the gravel to the processing area about 1/2 mile away. This claim was completely fenced. This activity leads me to believe that there is gold in the area, although it may be fine gold. A lot of trash in the surrounding areas. This was only 18 miles from my house.

Went to a local Henderson park the other day.....found 61 cents and a faux gold girls pendant with colored glass jewels. At last....real treasure!!! :yuk-yuk:

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Aloha Rick,

Work for me has gotten really busy all of a sudden. May be able to go only for saturday BUT may call in sick as I am getting withdrawal pains from not being able to hunt out at Gold Basin.

See you out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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The mining district around Railroad pass contains alunite which was thought to be an indicator of gold, but turns out it's not. The mining of the black hills is for gravel. Placer gold is found in the Eldorado Mountains and there are two large gold mine operations up there along with many mining claims. I have walked around washes up there and have seen lots of poles stuck in the ground. I've heard the town of Nelson is inhabited currently by miners and prospectors, but each night I always see a line of lights heading to Nelson so I don't know.

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