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Some Old Bottles Found around Gold Basin, AZ

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While prospecting for gold, and hunting meteorites in Gold Basin, Arizona , here are some old bottles I have

found while out and about... Dave

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Dave, Don't you know that "Old Quaker" was good stuff on a cold windy day out there! The beer should have aa "AB" onn the bottom for "Anhoseuer (SP) Bush" The small one was probably asprin and they needed it after drinking some of that stuff, I would date them from the 1930's. I have a brown pint whisky with the original label from the probition days and it has a red stamp on it saying sold by prescription only, I,ll try to locate the picture, just swapped computers.


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Hi Frank C, thanks, keeping an eye out for different colors, finding whole bottles is hard, tons of broken ones.

Hey Max, the tall brown bottle says C.C.G. Co with a big 2 in the middle of the bottle, have not really looked

into what they are yet. Dave

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HI Skip, thanks for the website, the website shows C.C.G. Co. as:

C.C.G.CO..............Cream City Glass Company, Milwaukee, WI (1888-1894). May also stand for Colorado City Glass Company, Colorado City, CO (1889-1893)

thanks for the info, I had a hard time looking that bottle up.

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