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Gold wheels,bowls Etc.

David Wiseman

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I don't know anything about the spiral wheels. I have been looking at a shaker table. I think it is the best type of machine for processing crushed ore because it can get micron gold, but also the most expensive. The model I like is the RP-4, but it is $2,000 without the stand. There is also the Angus McKirk at $1500. I have heard nothing but good things about the RP-4 and it is also the product that Keene sells.


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Thanks Matt and El Dorado,this stuff is just hard rock quartz concentrates..very fine quartz sand,black sand,pyrites,very fine flour gold,and perhaps some bigger gold from inside the quartz.Not my stuff..I just evaluate,advise,and pan out some of their quartz gold samples.Lot's of clay and the finest flour gold I've ever seen.For newcomers their doing really well,if they don't quit.Everyone wants the big pocket and SOONER than LATER.Even though this is a good vein,it dosen't mean it makes pockets.Perhaps it will be just mill rock,with an occasional quartz specie.My health dosen't permit me to go bush,unless the access is very easy and the terrain forgivable,and yes of course a promising stringer is possible.This brings back good memories for me and perhaps others will get in this quartz vein sampling game...which is win,win if you don't quit in frustration.

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:thumbsupanim In days of old I was glad to be one of the first dealers. Fun fact--look on the bottom of the bowl as they are hand numbered by the original mfgr., Frank has graciously continued the tradition after the patent/molds/products line was aquired. After a few years of experience you'll learn to get some production through it. I use mine for 50-mesh and the green(old school-no wings)for 50-1/16". We had a big processing area in my ol'store and had dozens of bowls,wheels,trommels,mini concentrators so customers could try and see whatz up with all of them. For micron it was always the best BUT by proper clasification and dual runs on a good wheel(ifn' it ain't got a hole through the middle it ain't worth a diddle) one run for size and the last for specific gravity and even wheel performance cab be greatly enhanced. Wish they were bigger for more volume but good way to kill slow winter months,when your not reclaimanating :hahaha: tons a au 2 u 2-John :inocent:
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Hi David,

There are a lot of devices out there for getting the gold out of cons. Over the years, I have used most of them. A lot of them will recover "fines". If you want to recover ALL the gold, even microscopic powder gold, get a Gold Genie. My take on it is that if I've already labored and broke sweat to reduce placer or hardrock material to a concentrate out in the field, why would I throw it away now that I've got it home, visable or not? And no, it really ISN'T a challenge for me to recover the face-powder gold from almagam. After you torch it into a button, few people seem to sneer at the size of the gold, amazing, isn't it?


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