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GPS coords for gold...


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In case someone wants to take a quick and cheap flight here's the coords to tomorrows gold

hunt...the grand-son and his dad are going fishing in this very small "lake" tucked back in

the Eucalyptus trees while me and his other grand-pa beep for gold in the surrounding area...

which has produced one nugget that weighed 200 grams...and also many smaller ones..it's been

hit hard but you never know!!!!


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Remember for sure E.D. ...it's living right there in your computer...it only has a little

more water now because in the lower left corner of your pic is a spill way..today it was a

very nice water fall..L.F. caught two Traira(Trieda Eng.)and his dad caught three..they

were about 8" long...the two grand-pa's caught nothing(gold)....we covered a pretty good

area today and saw a lot of dig holes...both old and new...I think I'll concentrate on

that area some more....next trip will be the NF 17" Ele. mono(remember it?)....

Frank nobody fishes these "hideaway" little lakes...but some of the prospectors do

camp there and bath in the lake...that one area is 61 miles from my house...when me and

E.D. were there the owners had disc's a very large area along all of the roads but now

it's totally grown up with small trees about shoulder high...

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