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My big birthday nugget


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Hey guys, I don't post much over on this site but thought I would share this one. Lucky had started his new poke for the month, so I called him up last night to see if he wanted to go back out today. It wasn't long before I picked up my first nugget small .2dwt. After digging a bunch of trash I moved to a new area and picked up my second nugget .7dwt. Soon after my second nug I get a real faint target. I don't know why but I had a gut feeling that it was a nugget. I dug down about 12" and my target was just blasting my ear drums. I thought for a second it was a square nail but kept by fait. After digging about 6" into the sticky gray clay, I caught a glimps of gold. It looked to be about 4 or 5 pennyweight. When I started pulling the nugget out of the clay it kept coming. "Holy crap!" I yelled. This nugget was huge! I yelled over to Rick who had already heard me carrying on and I showed him the nugget. It was 25.2dwt my biggest nugget to date. I'm in the 1oz club now and it feels great. My birthday is next Tuesday and couldn't ask for a better present. I'm on cloud nine and will be for some time. Here is a picture of the nugget hope you all enjoy...


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Hi coyoteslayer,

Way to go! :thumbsupanim Great nugget.

I know the feeling when that lovely gold color begins to show itself through the dirt.

Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday. :whoope:


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Hey Congrats Coyoteslayer! :thumbsupanim The smile on your face - just a liitle bigger than that monster nugget, put a big smile on MY face! Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment in your life with me and all the other prospectors here. Your story, and all the others I read here make this forum one of my favorite daily stops! - Terry

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Coyote Slayer,

My birthday is next Tuesday too! I can only wish.... Great find!

Thanks for sharing!


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