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Early Birthday wishes


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Hey Largo are you going to be older than dirt or just older than Grubstake. Hope you have a good Birthday and many more. Jerry

Hey you guys, thanks! Gary, I hope you find some of those nice Mariposa nuggies, or another spur...

Jerry, I will be older than dirt, AND older than Grubstake, now that is doing something! Next year I will start having backward birthdays, I will celebrate getting YOUNGER this time each year, as I see the big seven-ohhh nooooo... coming up and it scares the dickens out of me...

After almost 4 months of pacing the floor, and watching the snow and rain fall, I'm putting all my gear together to hit the goldfields at least one more time, weather permitting. I'm not tough like Lucky and hunt in the mud and rain. Of course where I hunt there is still snow, and mud, so it will be a few days till that dries out a little...


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Hey Cuz'n...I hope you celebrate this one with at least a seven oh ouncer ....May this year be your best gold findin' year ever...cheers, Cuz'n Unc

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Hey thanks guys!

I had a great day, my grown kids took Dad to lunch without the

grandkids, who grandma and other kin took care of. A nice afternoon,

of just catching up and chatting about nothing earthshaking.

Later we enjoyed a great cake my wife made, the grandkids got their

chocolate moustaches and crumbs all over, but that is the nature of kids.

Later we had the cleanup committee of one (my blue heeler, Pepper) come in to

get the big stuff off the floor. Later I will pressure wash the family room to

finalize the cleanup. Glad birthdays come once a year... :grr01:


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