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strewn field maps

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Hi there, it depends on which maps your referring too. Most strewn fields are mapped and cataloged and the finder usually holds onto the records or passes them to an educational institution for future study or to document the finds. You have to remember, that finding a meteorite first, then actually finding more than one of the same fall is a great feat in itself, and putting together a strewn filed map takes time, money, and a lot of effort. Most finders are not just going to give up the information freely, until they have had their fair time hunting it. A few of the more popular strewn fields are published in several references (books), but I haven't seen to many really pinpointing the fields. A lot of that requires the same work everyone else has done, but to gather the facts, as small as they may be, and try to plot a field of what you find then possibly share the information with those in the field. Hope this makes sense... Jason ;)

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