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Happy Birthday Gary ... Welcome to the 61 club! :thumbsupanim if you can get out for an hour or so there is a nugget with your name on it ... and the good news is ... it will be there waiting for you if you can't.

Make it a great day either way! And good luck with the doc tomorrow.

Mike F

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Gary.... Grubstake... My dialup is so sloww... So I'm wishing you a Happy 61st Birthday...

However, to cover all bases, I'm also looking ahead and wishing you a Happy 62nd Birthday

which you may be by the time this message is sent... Where is the closest Pony Express..

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Geez Gary, I didn't realize we're only a few months apart on celebrating our 61st, had mine in December last year.....hope all is well and you get out and are able to hunt soon. As far as rain goes we had the skies really open up on Saturday here in SoCal where we're at.

Wishing you the best and a Happy Birthday!


BTW, most of the issues with these new forum formats are due to the use of the "internet exploreer" browser on ones computer, google is the best way go and it's very fast.

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Well went to the heart DR. this morning, all is the same as it was, said he would see me June, unless I have a heart attack before that, for me to see the bariatric DR. next month, Been throwing blood up, they think maybe I have pancreaitus, we'll see. Want to get some dry days so I can detect, but rain and snow down to 2500ft tonight and tomarrow. Might get a slight break on Wensday I hope. DR. said just keep doing what I like, play it one day at a time. I do! and will. Thats all any of us can do. I know my heart is real bad, know what my limits are and I tend to push it a little detecting! but what the heck, we only live once. I say live it to the MAX! if you can! Grubstake

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gary, you will have plenty more birthdays, you still have to find that big one and it's family. think positive and both you and dorthy are in are prayers always. ron

frank, don't know what kind of surgery you are going to have but they are all scarey. you still have way too much work to do yet so hang in there and our prayers are with you. ron

my wife dianne had 2 operations within a month to take out her thyroid glands because they were cancerous.she is home for now but next week have to go check back in to have a iodine and nuk. in here system to kill the remaining [ if there is any ] cancer. dr. say's that she will be ok but has to take a thyroid pill everyday for life[ just like taking a vitamin] and get checked once a year.

anyhow, both of you will be good to go. ron

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