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Can anyone tell me what is the basic split ratio one should offer a land owner in the event some decent meteorite is found. I suspect a contract should be in order prior to hunting, so it would be nice to know what is considered the standards on this topic, if there are any.

Thanks for any help in this area.


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Hey, Reg...it it you? famous writer and Guru of detector electronics???

Any way, I haven't read of any standard split ratio for space rocks...the big names don't mention that angle much. Karl Von muller always wrote/advised a written contract be done before the find...

I know 10 % was fairly standard on gold claims where permission was all the owner contributed...if equipment and grubstaking were involved the split was bigger.

I imagine shows like the Meteorite Men and the show with the Babes treasure hunting make getting an owner to be realistic about the potential worth of a find much more difficult. Greed will have its day...


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