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The U of A's Az Meteorite exhibit and lectures

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:whoope: Hi All

Saterday night January 30th at the Kiepher Building on campus in the U of A. Doloras Hill put together an almost complete exhibit of all the known and recognized meteorites found in Arizona :thumbsupanim . The turnout was big and it was standing room only :whaaaa: . I got to see many old freinds and made several new ones. I got a chance to meet a couple individuals from these internet forums namely Bones and Todd Parker :shrug: . The first lecture was about Catalina sky watch and very informative on how they search, find, log and determine if they may pose a threat to our planet :yikes: . The second lecture by Dr Lauranta I unfortunatly missed ( too busy BSn ). I've sat through one of his lectures in the past about achondrites and found it very intreging and easily understood :hmmmmm: . I even got to meet Doloras Hill's husband who works at the Catalina sky watch and actually named near earth asteroids after Jim Kreigh , Twink Monrad and I :D . All in all it was a real nice night for meteorite hunters and enthusiests :whoope: :whoope: :whoope: !!

Happy Huntin John B.

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:thumbsupanim Great video Ruben - Thank you! - Terry

Here is a short video (2 minutes ) I put together from the Arizona Meteorite Exhibition.

watch it before youtube either pulls the video or sues me for the music I used!


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Hi All

Ruben you are amazing !! :wubu: Nice video and nice seeing you again :) !! Happy Huntin John B.

Hi John,

Thanks for the nice words! It means a lot coming from one of the greats in this hobby! Like I said if you still need help with LMNO productions let me know and I will call them.

see ya

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