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Beautiful day yesterday...just had to get out for some beeping...went to an area I've

been close to before but not quite as far in....started in there once before but turned

around because of so much water in the dirt road...got braver(dumber) yesterday and went

for it...about a 1/4 mile further I went around a corner and saw ahead all water and

to the left a "go around" with some very old and deep ruts...should have slammed on the

brakes but wasn't necessary...about 50 feet the Toy was buried up to the wheel hubs...

got out and my boots sunk about 4"...about then the "assisted traction devise" that was

going to cost me about $500.00 looked cheap...the two front tires I thought about

changing to mud tires for $800.00 looked cheap...other than that the situation looked

helpless...scraped out some mud and locked the front axles..got back in put the Toy in

reverse...4x4 low...gave the diesel motor the max pedal and popped the clutch...creeped

back about 30 feet...off the road bed..forward with just a slight turn to the left...

back again...the third try felt the traction improve and got the hell out of there...

if you want to take a cheap flight via Google Earth here's the coords...

14°24'01.53"S, 48°45'34.90"W.....take a

good look around the surrounding area a lot of gold has been take out just to

the West and a little South of there(just across the road and to the left a

little)....the ridge there where I hit the mud and pea gravel slurry has water

flowing from below...a large area of natural springs...wonder if it's common or

not to find gold in a mix like that.....

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Garimpo--on your other thread I asked exactly where you were, I guess on this thread you give the coordinates! My dumb. You know, I don't know of anyone that hasn't got themselves into a pickle every now and then chasing the gold. I've been stuck in some awful spots myself--not fun, but I learned a bit more every time.

All the best,


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I carry a lot of extraction gear in the back of my truck. A heavy duty cast come a long, couple hundred feet of cargo strap and a bunch of chains. The cargo stap is the heavy duty stuff they lift cargo onto ships with. They sell it cheap here at the flea market and can be woth it's weight in gold!

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I hear you Frank...I carry two shovels...and my highlift jack...anything here has to be chained

down or it's a goner....also why I have the illegal dark tint on my windows so they can't see

inside...I store a lot of crap there...oh yes have an alarm on the PU also...

JHO...I even have my Muslim survival kit since the USA president is a Muslim...the kit is really

pretty simple...a "head towel and a clip on forskin"...

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