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Hi all I'm from Fairview, Texas and I have always been interested in meteorites. I would like to know if anyone has any stories related to this area of Texas? I don't own any equipment yet but hopefully I will pretty soon. Any tips as to what you would have done differently when you all first started? Ant info will be greatly appreciated and I look forward to becoming a regular on this forum. Thank you Bill for accepting me and thank you all for any info you would like to share with the new guy.

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Hello Alex,

Welcome to the Forum. Sorry no stories from the Texas area yet. A couple things I would have done differently when I first started was to have purchased more books on meteorites to study. I would have also spent much more time pouring over the past posts and photos on this forum and others to gain as much knowledge about meteorites as you can. You can learn a ton from the folks here on the Nugget Shooter Forum. The folks here will answer any questions you might have except for the coords to there secret spots!! I would have purchased a GPS that is capable of loading map programs onto it. I would have also purchased a few more meteorites to have on hand. This way you can experience the actual feel and look of real space rocks. Oh and a good quality backpack right from the get go. Just to name a few. Good hunting and good luck!


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Welcome to the forum. There are a great number of members that can contribute to your knowledge, but doing your homework is first and foremost. I have a list of resources that I got form another member on the Met list that should get you going. These books can be found on Amazon, possible local books stores, and possibly at Nugget Shooter.com. The biggest thing to understanding meteorites is what they look and how to identify them. Try a few of the web sites on the net in identifying "rites" from wrongs. Welcome again, and keep looking down. Jason ;)



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