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Here it is early Saturday morning...just read and saw a clip on Fox news that the

Navy torn down a fifty year old water tower in Sanoma Valley,Skaggs Island....

nothing to exciting about that except their also tearing down 150 houses built in

the EARLY 40'S....talk about a sweet deal for coin and relic hunters...I went

through this very same thing in Okla. City 35 years ago...the city organized

a new program and called it the Urban Renewal Authority...the designated area was

big...covered several square miles...of course it was in the worst part of the city

which made it somewhat dangerous...the Authority would buy the property from the

owners...give them a specified amount of time to vacate and then the bulldozer's

would level several blocks at a time...first thing I did was have a talk with the

head of the Authority and the lady gave me permission to beep after the dozers were

finished....a lot of trash...old silver coins...gold rings and jewelry...the clearing

and dozing has been an ongoing thing for 35 years and my son who started beeping with me

there is still beeping there...the danger is because the area is in the middle of the

drug..prostatution...gang territory...but being good old Okla. we had/have open and

concealed carry laws and being on the Sheriff's Dept. helped also...my suggestion for

anyone living close to Skaggs Island is try to get permission...written if possible...

buy yourself at least 1 million $$ worth of liability insurance...and the best coin

detector money can buy and a CCW permitt...all of this is how me and my son come to

find a coin cache one day buried in and beneath concrete blocks..over 500 coins..all

denaminations...many gold rings...antique hand made marbles...etc....good hunting!!!

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