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been sicker than hell :(

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Just wanted to drop a line and say hi! Its been a good 3/4 year at least since I have even been online. Those of you who know me know I love hunting the space rocks:) Unfortunatly unless they are in front of my lazyboy I am afraid I wont find any. I have not been able to swing a detector in a good year now and IT'S KILLING ME!!!!!!!!darn to have 15k in gear and its just gathering dust and pipe smoke bothers me to no end!

I am hoping to do some beeping in a month or so with some of the grandkids in the family but thats up in the air a bit. I am awaiting tests to see if another fusion is needed to help with some of the paralasis. If they dont want to fuse more of the neck then IT'S ON! Am wanting to hit Franconia so they can find some small meteorites. Man their eyes just about come out of their heads when I pull out that 900+ grammer I found last year at the franconia site. Of course I can't thank you enough JIM and BILL!

Jim- I will finally be copying your map with the 900+ grammer marked clearly on it so you can see how it was just off the well beaten path. I am still shocked that i was the first to recognise it since it was sitting right on the top of the ground with the tip that poped off it just three feet away. I am still on that adrenaline:)

Bill- Sorry I have not popped into the shop to say hi and picked anything up.... But I had to call my archeologist buddies in the forestry service to cancel 09 digs with them since I didnt feel I would be functional. Not having been to the digs really showed me how much those week long digs were my social life short of the times I was beeping for space rocks. By the way I searched for 4500 minelab and your site was on top in google! congrats!

Nate- Call me my # is still the same. I would love to set up a time to get together and do some beeping.

I was watching the latest show of Meteorite Men and about died laughing as they were digging well pipes. During one of the archeology digs I spent days trying to follow those same kind of pipes that a old mining town by Superior had used to bring in water to the mill.

I have decided to go down to the sherrif dpt in my town and let them know if they need to find any casings, slugs or weapons to let me know and I will come out any time! I figure all that time I spent doing forensic archeology at old shootout site should be exactly what they need. Plus I could perform some function in life:) For those of you with good amchines you may want to consider seeing if you can donate time also.

With that I will draw this post to a end. I wanted to say hi and see what has been going on since it had been a while.

Mookie " god I'm tired of watching tv"! ready to go hunting even if it brings me to tears.

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Aloha Mookie,

Dang, wondered what the hell happened to you. Havnt seen or heard for you for so long thought you gave up on them meteorites. When you get hold of Nate and you guys set up a date to hunt Franconia let us know so some of us can hook up once again for a hunt out there. Always ready and will with my jeep and GMT to hit that area.

Take care and get your health back quick.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Thanks for the replies guys:) When I get in touch with Nate I will let you'll know and maybe we can do some beeping for shure! I will hopefully know in a couple of weeks after a few tests if i'm going to be going under the knife again.Kaimi I have a few ideas about hunting spots and subjects you might find interesting.Will msg ya in a day or two to caht about them:)Right now my right arm only likes to type so much before I feel like I want to cut the damned thing off. lol

Jayray thanks for letting me know about Jim.I have to admit that even though Jim and I had only met 4 times and played email tag hearing of his passing floored me. People that are kind like him in so many ways are rare and I will miss the hell out of him. He was so kind where it counts!

Sweating with anticipation MOOKIE

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