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My little creek


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Hi all here's a few colors from a creek real close by. The wife and I have been visiting this creek for 2years have never found a pay streak and the section of the creek that is containing gold seems to produce about the same every trip. You cant see by the picture (i hate this camera) but the gold is pretty ragged not pounded flat.We went up a few feeder creeks today toward 2 of the mines in the area panned a little color but definitely did not find the "source". We keep getting sucked into this creek because it seems there has to be a pay streak. Seems like the gold is right on top of bedrock or a clay layer, the clay layer its self seems pretty devoid of gold.Going to take the recirculating highbanker out tomorrow but in about 6 hours of digging and classifying and highbanking all we can run is about 6-8 five gallon buckets. So im sure the gold will look just like the day before. Hope these rains loosened up some of the good stuff. Good luck everyone. Oh and please excuse the extras in the pic ... if you look real close you can find a dip cup....


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Nothin wrong with that. Keep on testing and you'll find more. Every little bit ADDS UP.

We can't all be lucky enough to be able to hunt good ground when detecting or runnin dirt.

Larger gold is hard to come by in Az. I've learned that after 4 years. Its out there just hard to come by.

Keep at it. Thats the ticket. :grin:

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:hmmmmm: Yeah, that just what about I find too out here, just salt and pepper, and flour. After several five gal buckets just don't seem right does it. Maybe after last week storms, the gold fairys spread some more around. :hahaha: Good luck in your search.

More Au to you,


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New Guy--good luck finding where your gold is sourcing from--it sounds like you've got yourself a bit of a mystery there. Could be sourcing from a cross-channel/cross-pay-streak that your little creek is cutting through and re-concentrating in the current channel, and that's why you can't find anything/anything better upstream. Just a thought--don't know what else to tell you. I like your picture--nice to see some gold!

All the best,


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