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What are the odds?


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I think most of us men in the USA take for granted our pocket knives...I can't even

imagine going any where without one (or more)...I got my first pocket knife when I

was very young and we lived on the farm...got my two boys a knife when they were also

only knee high to a grass hopper...it's strange but most people in other countries don't

carry one unless their in the bush often and then it's usually a sheath knife...the

knives here in Brazil are about the sorriest made knives I've ever seen...WTG nvchris...

now you have one carry in your boot....BTW my first was an Old Timer and I still have it!!!

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Yes it's a small Kershaw Terry. The one I found looked darn near new and still has the factory edge.

Don my first pocket knife was an "official cub scout" I don't remember the brand but I do know how long it too me to snap the blade off :( One day............. trying to dig a bullet out of a tree. Boy my Dad was pizzed.

I've got an Old timer that has been passed down two generations to me. I don't dare carry it tho I'm so afraid I'll loose it.

I've probably found over a dozen pocket knives. Most from parks coin hunting. About ten years ago I was hunting for a lost ledge and found a sheath knife (14" Arkansas tooth pick I think)stuck deep in a tree the leather hilt long rotted away.


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Wow--Chris--those are quite the knife-hunting/knife finding stories--especially the one about the Arkansas toothpick. What's up with that? It's nice you found an exact spare to go with your Kershaw--that's quite the trick and I think you'd better get to Vegas while those long odds are still working for you! :yuk-yuk:

All the best,


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Hi Chris, Great find.Hope you are having a good time on your trip. Have found a few pocket knives detecting Nevada ghost towns but badly rusted. Sometimes when you think you are where no man has been before you find evidence you were not the first one there. Say Hi to Wilma for me, loved the jelly. Bob

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