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Where's THE GOLD ??????

frank c

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YES please someone start posting some recent finds, stories, or anything else .I can't get out like I would like to, but enjoy reading about others finds. Also with all this rain we had, was it enough to stir things up out there, and get some gold moving?

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I primarily Dry wash or use a Recirc Sluice.

With the Temps at about 20 and winds and rain/snow around 20-40 MPH, you can come out here and look around.

I would rather watch you all fight here on the forums! :thumbsupanim

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Here some Australian gold found on Youtube, how would you like to wake up with this on your breakfast table!!! :whaaaa: :whaaaa:



WOW What a dining room table, I even got the ol lady to come an look at the computer to see a million dollars worth of nugs, Thats GOTTA beat John B's dining room table pics. Thanks enjoyed that got my gold jones runnin thru my bones again.

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Yeah, a lot of you guys are in the warm desert country, with all the recent water, how about a mini-gold rush ;)

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Well--you ain't gettin' any gold out of my goldfield in this weather--that's for sure. The ground's froze right up--dynamite won't dent it right now, so I've got no chance of detecting or dredging legally--but I do know there's rascals that operate outside the boundaries of the realm that are probably up there on the claims right now dredging under the ice--gettin' some of my future summer gold! They're a tough lot--and they've found a lot of gold--and they go to a lot of trouble--but that's not my idea of a lot of fun! So, where's the gold--well it appears to be hibernatin' around here this time of year--unless you're crazy enough to go ice divin'. :zapped: But over on the Outback forum they're teasin' out some small nuggets--seems all that desert ragin', rippin', roarin' water has scoured and ground sluiced things enough that some pesky desert gold has been rudely uncovered and awakened!!

All the best,


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I can't quit my day job yet, using a VLF detector and a gold pan, here my poke.

I just finish building the gas vac and have been out two times with it, look promising using it, found 3 pickers and some salt and pepper flakes. Not in picture.

More Au to you,



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I went out with my hunting partner yesterday. The skunk has been following me for at least 4 days and I needed to get rid of the stink. Spent hours and hours searching the patch with on of my big coils and just trash targets. I decided to get out the skunk killer coil and put something in the poke. It's my little Joey DD coil. BAM, hit one in the first ten minutes. I am too embarrased to post a picture, it would probably look like a spec of dust @ .2dwt, but it at least got the skunk gone for me. Problem now is, it's following my partner !

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One of the locals came by the house a couple of days ago and let me take a pic

of his find...said he was only beeping for a couple of hours before the rain

started and he had to quit...


got these grass hoppers on another day...can just barely see the hornets nest below...


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Garimpo, those crickets look exactly like the Mormon Crickets in some of our western states. Do they herd up and eat each other?

In that area we were only about 100 feet from the lake and a lot of hornets in the trees...

also this time of year the trees have a lot of BIG black spiders with a red spot on their

backs...looks just like Black Widows and bigger...me and partner didn't find any gold...

did see some holes where somebody had dug something...also a lot of those big black cubes

in that area.....

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