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Frozen Chinese Gold Miners and..

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Terry--I'm just lucky I haven't frozen to death yet. I can't wait for Spring so that I can get out in the hills again. Those poor Chinese miners got dealt a bad hand, that's for sure. Say, I wonder if anyone knows what happened to their gold? If they'd been prospecting or mining for a while, there must have been some gold. M

As I recall, most miners usually hide their gold if they think something's going to happen. In fact, that reminds me of a story way up in British Columbia where some miners ate poison mushrooms and nobody's ever found their gold yet, and they worked an entire season on a fantastic claim too. In fact, that's why they were eating the mushrooms--it was a celebration meal before they went to the outside with the gold! However, all three died, but the one later than the other two, and they figure he's the one that hid it all. Furthermore, their claim was searched top to bottom after other miners found the bodies, but they never found the gold--never! It's quite a story.

All the best,


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