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Help , I've never even SEEN one .

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For those of you that go on more than one forum you will see this same question several times .My buddies wife surprised him at Christmas with a Minelab Xterra 505 . He has asked me to help him get familiar with it . I have a few days so I will post a question and hopefully get a bunch of info before we try it out . I recommended we test it out in his backyard first . Here is my plan . I’ll bring my Tesoro LST for comparison . We’ll try to get the right spot for his and then try mine with a similar size and deep target . If his signal at least matches mine he can only go up from there . If my signal is strong and his is weak or non-existant then we got some “tweaking” to do . Any suggestions on a starting point on his ????

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Tom I've never used a x-terra 505 but some thing never change in metal detectors..

first I would go to www.minelab.com and read what they say about the 505...then

figure out what coil your friend has on his 505...if it's not the same or even close to the

Tesoro then your test are not going to be to accurate....I've never seen a coin/gold machine

yet that can do the same thing a gold machine can do when put in the gold mode...best to

read the manuel and just expermint with the 505 using different settings for different

types of ground....have fun and good luck...

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Tommy, get out an old Jefferson nickle, (Yeah you're probably gonna have to raid the wifes cookie jar I know stop complaining,)

Take the nickle and start testing with it a couple inches deep at a time an see how far down you can still pick up a decent signal.

If you want go over it with the Lobo too at each depth an then you'll know whats what.

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Yeah Frankie , I think you're getting my point . If I get a good signal and he gets squat then he needs to move some dials . I don't know what coil he has but if I get a signal he better get one too . I'm really looking for someone to get us to the top of the learning curve . Jump to the head of the class if you will . I'm sure the book tells some stuff . I'm hoping for some "hands on" experience .Kind of "Been there , Done that". Thanks .

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