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Headin down to Quartzite area around wed.if the weather is decent (NO :baaasmiley: RAIN) I think we'll be there till sunday.

Only been there once before for the flea mkts. rock show about 3 years ago.

Goin with 2 other couples hope to be playin in the dirt part of the time, don't know the area at all so I guess I'll have to stumble :arrowheadsmiley: on something with the detectors. If ya see this little mini Road Ranger 5th wheel or my silverblue Toyota Tundra parked with 1 or 2 other BIG 5th wheel/toy haulers stop an say HEY, Always plenty of coffee an beer to chat with.


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Boy with that thing your going to stick out like a grain of sand in a sand dune lol. A lot of people were saying qzite was going to have a poor year as far as visitors go but it sure doesn't seem like it. I watched the La Posa visiting area double and then triple in rigs and then double again during one week. When you find out where your staying let us know cause we'll never find you looking for a pickup with a fifth wheel lol. Good luck and I'll try to get out for at least a meet and greet.

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Just so you know they had high winds and lots of rain in Quartzite, lots of wind damage to vendors' setups, overturned big rigs on the freeway, and flooding, this was posted on another forum 2 days ago...

"Round 2"

"All hell broke lose throughout the whole south west. Major damage everywhere.

Now to Quartzsite, We had horrific winds today, reported to be over 70mph. Several tornado's were reported in the area also.

Some of you saw the damage from the last storm that I posted. Well, right now the yearly big event, the Pow Wow and yearly rock show are going on and the chamber of commerce says there is more than a million people here. Most of the vendors are in tarp tent structures. Well, needless to say there are a whole bunch out of business tonight again. Walking the dog at dusk I looked over the area on the north side of main street and saw many, many vendors ruined. Structures wrapped into balls. Saw 2 huge Socorro cactus blown over just in my block. Those monsters are well over 100 yrs old. The biggest couldn't be moved (drug), by a 2 wheel 3/4T pu. It just spun out it was that heavy. Water is up level again to the bottom step of my 5th wheel.

People are the stupidest animals inhabiting this planet, and I think the older they get, the dumber we get. Raging flood water coming down Tyson Wash, and yep you guessed it, some idiot drove him and his wife into the raging waters. Now fire rescue has to risk their lives to rescue some dimwit that shouldn't even have a drivers license to start with.

I understand that there has been 9 semis blown over so far, traffic accidents are innumerable and the sirens are going constantly and life flight is grounded.

For the most part, civilization around here played possum and stayed indoors hoping no damage to their property.

Navy Doc, I will check on your folks in the morning. Electric and phone Services here are on and off periodically, so if you can't get through to them, don't worry.

When daylight returns, I'll try to get some pics up for you that was wishing you were here. Glad you got out of here before this all hit moondog.

Forget drywashing for quite awhile now, 4 days of soaking rain and then this gully washer.

Killerkernrich, I think you guys may have the best trip yet to this area. Havasu was hammered just like us but at least they aren't on the flats like us. Some really heavy runoffs and a lot of lighting strikes. I like looking for the lighting strikes as they usually hit mineralized areas in the desert."


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Thanks Skip for the update, I'm looking at a better weather forcast this comming week.

I dont know where exactly the other couples are leading us to for a camping spot yet either,they have a place off the beaten path I was told.

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Hey Frank,

We just returned home from a week of hell in Quartzite rain and flooding and then a tornado at my place in Blythe that snapped power poles like tooth picks. But all and all I still got some color. Also ran into Bob and Jerry in the field on Tuesday.

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