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New Meteorite thru doctor's Office

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The Meteorite Men are already on the scene filming.

CLICK HERE for more information and a strewnfield map.

Hey thanks for the link.... Updated Page with more reports, photos, and videos:


The strewnfield map is merely a "guesstimate" based on eyewitness reports only, and does not take into account wind-drift. No video has been found of this fireball event that will help determine where the actual fall area is. Keep in mind there really has to be another piece found to make it an official strewnfield. I have looked at radar data from this fall, (as have many others) and though only a small blip appears, it's promising.

I've also updated the page to show no fewer than 15 eyewitness reports that state there was in fact fragmentation of the meteoroid into multiple pieces. The question is two fold, did any more of those pieces make it to the ground, and will any more be recovered? There are lots of professional meteorite hunters on the ground out there now. If there's going to be pieces found, they should be able to do it. Also someone else may come forward with another stone from this fall.

UNCONFIRMED: I heard a "rumor" there was one that hit a car. In addition someone commented on another media site who supposedly had a suspected meteorite from this fall. Also unconfirmed.

We'll just have to wait until we hear word. Steve Arnold is out there as is Robert Ward and a few others. If anyone can find them they can.

Enjoy the page, I'll keep it updated as more information becomes available.


Eric Wichman

Meteorites USA

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