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Meteorite TV with NOVA ScienceNOW

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Hi gang,

I just uploaded a few pictures for all you fans of NOVA ScienceNOW.


Laurence Garvie (ASU), Steve Desch (ASU) and Myself spent the day

filming/hunting with Neil Degrasse Tyson and NOVA ScienceNOW. Laurence

was on hand to talk about meteorite classification. I was of course

talked about meteorite hunting and Steve talked about where and how

meteorites were formed.

Don't hold your breath though, the show won't air till the fall. However, it should be fun to watch as Neil

is really good at having fun while the camera's roll. The day was cold and windy but at least we didn't get rained out!

P.S. In the same link you will find photo's of filming with Steve and Geoff "The Meteorite Men"

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