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Something i foud in the creek

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Found this in a creek that runs in small river put it under the sink forgot about it until the other night to cold out to do anything else.

The darker color pink or redish is because the stone is wet. When dry u can see its light pink and smooth. The grey color crystals are through out the stone. Got to looking took a screw driver to couple of them really put preasure to try to get it to scrap off something put no didnt even put a scratch on them. Got a Diamond tester and all of them tested as Diamond's. What kind of Stone it is should i take it somewhere to have it looked at. Any Help be app.

Thanks Bill





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I cant say for absolute positive because I'm not QUALIFIED, but its looks like either granet with quartz specks or some similar matrix.

Don't think its anything to get excited about.

If you find out it Valuable repost the info cause I've got plenty of the same in my rockpile at home an I'll be rich.

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thanks, I thought the same thing about it being quartz until it tested postive on the diamond tester quartz will not test on it. I have a pieces of quartz and when you put the diamond tester on it nothing happens. On the rock all lights lite up on it. Thats what puzzled me. On the diamond tester only Diamonds and mossnite will show. Plus on quartz if you take a screw driver the corner of it apply full preasure quartz will break off this didn't.

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What exactly is the "diamond tester"? A piece of corundum (Moh's hardness 9) should NOT be able to scratch your rock if it's diamond. Try to scratch the white(esp. grayish white) areas & the pink areas separately. I'm thinking it looks an awful lot like pink granite (or a relative), where pink = K-spar (eg. orthoclase) & grayish white = quartz. In what kind of overall geology was the creek found?

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