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I thought I would show these(I could'nt resist special circumstances) which I just found on saturday with a friend---we were'nt the first to be there thats for suremad0264[1].gif looked like a missle range- so WHO EVERshhh[1].gif was there must have been findin something but they left a couplerolleye0012[1].gif I sure like it when people do all the work by either leaven the gold in the dig pile or leaven it in the hole must of been in a hurry or something 2 of the nugs were found like that---any ways they were all found (3 grams) with a obsolete GPX 4000 and a obsolete NF 17 SL E---Thanks-Mike C...ph34r2.gif


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Hey Mike ! Good to see you post some of your finds, those are nice ones :brows: And you found them with one of those Pre-cambrian, disposable metal finding thingies..You should really step up to the SD series ;) .Sure hope those weren`t my dig holes :grr01::D

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