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A question for anybody that knows the answer...about twenty miles from my house here in Brazil

is a mountain that has been fenced off by the military for many years...no guards just the

fence with big signs saying stay out because of the Uranium deposits....recently have heard

rumors that the mountain also has gold...don't know what form....so my question is if Uranium

is dangerous to a persons health since it's never been disturbed by digging.....also another

mountain that rumor has it that has Uranium is only two miles from my house.....

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Don, go ahead and look, Just make sure you already had all the kids you want, since you know what is hang closer to the ground than anything else is. Ha! Ha!. Get a geiger counter. Then you'll know for sure. Grubstake

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Hey Don! Here's an Okie medical tip for you! when ever you get chapped lips, rub them with steer manure!, yep! thats right. It won't cure your chapped lips, but it keeps you from licking them! Ha! Ha! Grubstake

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Uranium dust can cause lung cancer, leukhemia and other nasty issues. Oral ingestion can affect your kidneys. If you are that close to a deposit I would have your drinking water checked. It's not worth it.

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Don, the radium associated with the uranium deposits can be quite dangerous and can cause cancer...There are several towns in Wisconsin that have had to get new water sources because of it. Also, radium emitting underneath homes built on radium or radon containing bedrock is a bad hazard...Years ago when I was in the water treatment business, an associate told me of going to a home to change out an old large activated carbon filter...There was high radon in the water. The filter had been in place for more than a dozen years in a small closet near the kitchen. When he opened the door the four foot high filter was literally glowing. They could not move or dispose of it legally or safely, so they had to get lead sheets and line the closet and seal it....Bad stuff!!!...Cheers, Unc

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Thanks everyone for the info....this town is 78 years old and the nearest mountain with

Uranium is only about 2 miles from here the one where the military has fenced if off is

about 20 miles away...there's about 10,000 homes here that originally had septic tanks so

the first thing I did was get bottled water in a cooler unit...now it seems there is now

another reason for the bottled water...think I had better not beep for gold where the

fenced off area is...what's worse glowing in the dark or showering once a week?....

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