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Free Garmin Gold Basin Topo Map


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Here is an updated garmin topo map of the gold basin/ king tut area. I placed a few locations of the strewn meteorite field that came from the University of Arizona, so I hope Im not stepping on anyones secret locations :*&$*(:

Also more dirt roads added, and BLM land area's updated, let me know if you would like to see anything added

like the gps location of your secret patch :thumbsupanim

P.S. this map is only for garmin gps, and using mapsource to download to your gps or sd memory card.


go here to download.


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Anyone interested, let me know, message me with your email address, I will email it to you. The uploader site keeps kicking it off. Dave

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What amazes me is that I have 3 GPS units (one hand-held and 2 in vehicles) and all three are Magellan! Unplanned. Just the way it worked out. Oh well....

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Thanks for offering this map of the area for the Garmin, just so happens I will have the better half up there in March staying at the Meadview RV Park. your maps will come in really handy since I have not had much chance to explore this area of Az.

Thanks a bunch



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