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Howdy Gang, got out yesterday for a late Gold Basin hunt. Wanted to check out a few areas for meteorites and Gold. DIdn't find any meteorites in the first area, so I decided to look for gold. Went to an area that looked promising, but got the skunk there, and had a bit of 4 wheel adventure trying to get out. Once out and back on solid ground, I decided to look again for meteorites and came away with some "crumbs". The weights are 1.8, 2.6, 4.9, 10.5, 15.7, and 32.4 grams. The day was cool, but not bad, even the bees were out once the sun came later in the day. I ended the day on the 32 grammer, with the sun down walking to the truck. All in all a good trip. Enjoy, Jason. ;)



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Aloha Jason,

I love looking for them small ones, as it helps me work on pinpointing with the goldmax sierra coil. Plus it gives me a chance to really work on "hearing" that special sound we all want to hear when you run your coil over a meteorite fragment.

Nice job. Looks like you have your ears "tuned" pretty good at this point.

Aloha and be safe as usual.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Very nice pictures of your adventure. Nice Gold Basin meteorites you crumbed up! You mention the bees, I am waiting over here for the snow to melt just a bit so I can get out and hunt soon. We are expecting some more snow this week! Good on ya and more success on your next hunt!


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Frank, me no like Mr. Stinky... :hahaha:

Terry, any time walking away with something in hand is better than not, especially down there.

Stan, it was fun, but boy I feel every ache and pain for some reason. I'm starting to come down with a cold, so I guess that might be the reason... :olddude:

Dean, Yeah I was a bit surprised by the bees. Once the sun started setting, the mist starting rolling in from the Lake Mead and looked pretty cool, not to mention that the temps started dropping too. The last pic was after the sun set and I thought it looked pretty cool. Almost like someone had a flash light pointed in my direction... :thumbsupanim

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Nice Finds JayRay!!! :whoope: Has anyone come into contact with any indian arrowheads while searching the basin? I have picked up numerous what looks like obsidian glass type rock that looks like it was being shaped into an arrowhead but was discarded due to mistake or whatever.

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Jason, Nice finds!!! No such thing as too small! I was out on the dry lakes last two week ends. A week ago I found a whooping 1/8 long fragment, can't weigh a gram, but it holds on to the magnet like a Sacramento Wash chondrite/iron. I even got my daughter Kellie (17 years old) out hunting this Saturday, zip, but she had fun. It's only the second time I've got her out hunting, usually there are more important things, you know, cellphone texting, homework, etc. I thought about throwing this little fragment back into the lake so I could catch it agian later when it got bigger, but I'm glad I kept it, it's quite cute. Good job on the finds!!! It's way way better than nothing! See Ya, Clifton

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