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My prospecting book is ready for sale

Reno Chris

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Hey after many years of work, I am happy to announce my new prospecting book is now available! The delivery truck driver just left and I now have 3000 copies sitting in my garage. My back hurts already, just from the thought of moving all those boxes!

The title is “Fists Full of Gold” because that’s what I hope it will bring you. I’ve put in years of experience to make this book the most comprehensive prospecting book ever written. Its very different from what is on the market already – Its focus is to teach you to find gold deposits, both placer and hard rock. There is a huge amount of information here that is just simply not available in any other prospecting book. It has plenty of basic coverage for new prospectors but lots of material for those guys who have some experience and want to learn more, plus even more advanced information for prospectors with decades of experience. It is up to date with all the latest technology and science.

It’s a quite a reference: more than 360 pages long with over 225,000 words. That makes it longer by far than any prospecting book written for individuals – longer than any 2 or 3 combined! In spite of this, it’s all written for the average individual who does not have any formal training in geology or mining.

Some of the highlights of what the book covers:

The basics of prospecting and finding gold, including:

The fact that there is lots of gold is still out there to be found

How to pan, sluice, dredge and dry wash for gold

An extensive section on metal detecting, perhaps the best on the market

Building your own equipment: including your own sluice, dredge or dry washer

How to deal with and get the most out of your black sands

How to get the best prices for your gold, specimens and nuggets

A full coverage of the geology of gold and silver mineral deposits:

All about minerals and how to identify them

Minerals associated with gold deposits

Rocks: what they are and how to identify them

Basic geology for the prospector in an understandable form

A detailed explanation of placer geology and how paystreaks form

A detailed explanation of hard rock geology and how gold deposits form

How to recognize many types of hard rock gold and silver deposits

How to do research to find your own rich concentrations of gold

Using and understanding topographic maps, aerial photos and GPS

How to use geology maps to find gold

Signs and indicators of gold deposits you want to look for in the field

How to prospect for commercial deposits of gold and silver

Mining law and how to stake your own claim

Platinum placers and deposits – How to prospect for them

Diamonds in placers – How to recognize them

Maps of where to find gold in the US and Australia

For the next month or two, I’ll be the only one selling this book (that’s an effort to try to recover some of the cost of printing it up because I am publishing it myself). After that, it will be available from all your favorite prospecting supply dealers. I hope that my good friend Bill Southern will decide to carry them in his shop.

I’ll also be happy to personally address it to you and autograph it for you with any greeting or best wishes you like. The price is $29.95, and with priority mail shipping it will be $35. If you are interested, all the info on purchasing a copy is on this website:


If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.


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Hi Chris,

Just in time ... I think you should be able to get a copy to me before I leave and give me a little time for the world's slowest reader to start enjoying and learning. Of course I want it signed. You'll see my paypal order tomorrow. Not near my info right now.

Congrats on finally getting the book out ... my guess is you shouldn't have much trouble selling most if not all the 3000 copies.

Now I want my copy yesterday ... looking forward to the read!

Mike F

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Hooray! See you early Saturday afternoon with bells on. Looking forward to chatting. Congratulations on putting the final touches to this lifetime work. It will join the other classics for sure.

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Hey Chris,

My order is in the mail. Can't wait to read and learn. Congratulations on completing your book. That is quite an accomplishment in itself my friend.


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Paypal payment and e-mail sent, looking forward to reading it. It'll be like an extended Christmas this year. :)

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Phillip - I am already here in Lancaster, and I will be at the GPAA show. (I'm writing from my hotel)

Shep - I wont be at RH, but will be at the Phoenix GPAA show. However a check is just fine and will work no problem.


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