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A guy I know brought by the house yesterday a 200 gram nugget...he wanted to sell it

to me for 10,000.00....to bad I didn't have the money for it....another called and

his was only a little 32 gramer....he wanted 1,600.00 for it...still tapped out

from Christmas....

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Solid with just a sprinkle of dirt material in the poors...about 1/2" thick and approx.

2" across....he got it in the Eucalyptus trees...he and the guy with the 32 grammer were

together....he wouldn't stick around long enough for pics usually because they owe the

car owner a % and they know I don't tell stories like the gold buyer in town does...

so don't tell anybody.... :zip-lip:

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El D ... I'll send you my mailing address so you can send that misdirected nugget to the rightful owner! :thumbsupanim

Hey Don ... you mean to tell me none of the locals know about this site! Don't tell anyone ... probably spread out across the world now! Ooops! :inocent:

Sounds like quite a nugget ... too bad no pics!

Mike F.

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Yea Mike everybody here knows about the site...most here beep there but the Eucalyptus tress cover

about half the state...the company keeps the roads in good shape...and you can get lost in there

big time...I've even tried making a copy of a area from Google Earth but the images are so old

and the company changes them fairly often so the maps are not that good...GPS your way in and

out is the best way...

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post-300-126349592295_thumb.jpgShep and Mike I'm glad El Dorado saved those pics of the Eucliptus tress..their the

trashy ones....see how tough I have it!!!! The company that owns them also keep the

roads in pretty good shape...here's a couple of the "clean" ones...I "think" the 200 grammer was found within 1 mile of these..


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Hell Don ... That's a mere walk in the park! I thought you operated in a tropical or more jungle like environment! I didn't realize it was Brazil's version of NYC's Central Park! :rasberry:

Mike F

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Don I won't go there. They have those bugs that bore into your Ahole and eat your brain (yes that's where my brain is). I refuse to wear a butt plug to keep the bugs out. I know all about it. I saw it on the television. If I did go there the locals won't get a cent out of me. The wife got to it first. Though I could come up with a couple bucks if she had those pointy boobs. :wub:

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