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Hi Roger ... Happy Birthday ... hope it's a Great One! ... With many more to come! I'll join you in the 61 year old club in a couple weeks! Life is good after 60!

Mike F

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Roger after 61 some more of everything....wrinkles....hurts....eye glasses...

unwanted gas releases....but also you get more things done...example...you go

to get a cup of coffee...and you get 10 things done before you ever get there..

by then your standing there with the coffee pot in your hand and wondering why

you came in there in the first place...Ok now have you heard about what comes

after 61????

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Roger ... my answer is much simpler than Don's answer to what happens after 61 ... I asked a friend of mine who is 62 ... he said "Ah ... I forget!" :hahaha: :whoope:

Mike F.

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Roger I hope your birthday went well and many more to come


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