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Underwater Reclaimation Devise

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Long Week Hoser and all

Lots a people lookin for a dollar

Just went through a helluvweek.

Trees crost the road ,stuff floatin off.exstra foot prints ..... everywhere...

That boulder we see in the video was moved with one of them new red cast steel comeaaalongs.

and there was two more new cumalongs in line to do it if that one failed Been rainin like a big dawg, we tend to burn a log the size of a minni van a day.

Had some guest'''''''s but sheer attendance seem to fix it .

It is what it is

off to see the wizardJohn Adams


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:pukes: Just back last night from 3 days of partying in Tahoe with the boarder crowd party animals,ladies,booze,Olympic Opener, snowmobiles,gambling,ladies,booze galore, :ROFL: after last year I have a need to forget this lousy state,corrupt politicians and finish planning my US oddysey for the summer before the Chinese take over from the GD environutz and bureauratz. Back to the crik today, already 5am+ so gotta run to prep-tons a au 2 u 2 -John PS sorry to hear of hardships evolving --things are bad enough already without anymore BS to a operator-live free my friend :miner:

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:shhhhh: :wacko: I am hope'in to make Fresno this weekend

WE all ready started throwin around a bit of food. :brows::brows:

We too are surrounded by private... road too :nutty::nutty:

Bears keep away the coyotes :scare: :scare:

and we can eat whats left.

hope your bringing it home in a wheelbarrel

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Good on you John reclaiming all that murcery from the envirment, to bad its comintated with some of that yellow stuff once and a while....... :shrug:

Have a great time :evil1:


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I need mo'RAIN as playn'n'da'mud n'da' blood n' da beer brings this ol miner no cheer--but a lil'yella-Tough perfecting the art of reclaimation but when project is done photos,process and explainations will follow to spread the LEGAL DISEASE OF RECLAIMANATING-John :ROFL: many wayz to dredge,jus. not too pleasent :wah2: but oro puro stirs the creative juices and adversity is simply stupidity to overcome through good engineering :idea:

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Reclaimed enough to pay most the bills.. today.... first wk of the month. hope ya wheelbarlen..HJ

I been out a bit..... soon as I shave an shower I will see if I can find a pic for ya. :inocent::inocent::inocent::inocent::inocent:

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:thumbsupanim always appreciated JA-love them pix sir. The reclaimanator rides again--only this a time-MO' bigger and MUCH quicker-party on gentlemen-John :rasberry:


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